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Kim Sang Joong confirmed for "Bad Guys"
posted at Saturday, May 3, 2014 , 7:45 AM

Kim Sang Joong, Jo Dong Hyuk, Ma Dong Suk, and Kang Ye Won Confirmed for “Bad Guys”

OCN’s upcoming genre drama “Bad Guys” released that Kim Sang JoongJo Dong Hyuk,Kang Ye Won and Ma Dong Suk are confirmed to appear in the drama.
A representative from OCN has confirmed that Jo Dong Hyuk and Ma Dong Suk will play the roles of criminals, while Kim Sang Joong will be a detective. The drama is garnering a buzz as it will be produced by the team that created “Vampire Prosecutor.”
Currently, Kim Sang Joong is acting in MBC drama “A New Leaf” while Ma Dong Suk is scheduled to shoot a movie called “The Chornicles of Evil” until July. “Bad Guys” will go into productions after the actors’ schedules are cleared up.
“Bad Guys” will be a genre drama about a detective who uses criminals to catch other criminals. It is scheduled to start airing in September.

all credit to soompi

Kim Sang Joong? again? in an upcoming drama?
My God. I love you Drama Angel.
This is such a good news!

Kim Sang Joong as a detective?
GUN? Oh My God.
Im melt

remind me of him in Police Swat (2001)
A great father -> A doctor and loving father -> A Head of a law Firm -> DETECTIVE

the only thing we need to concern right now,
is the streaming link and so on.
OCN is a cable drama, so i dont have any idea about it.
never watch any cable channel.
but i will do my best. we have around 4 months to do "researches"

dont demand too much info right now,
we are still in the beginning.  :)
we will inform any information regarding this drama , here.

excited? anyway, lets countdown.

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