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Kim Sang Joong and A New Leaf's cast in MBC Section TV + Doctor Stranger premieres
posted at Sunday, May 4, 2014 , 11:20 PM

I was about to ask first admin about what they are all talking about.
i open fb and check at anl's facebook, and they did recap the interview. :)
so, here is the video :

Recap of the Section TV.
So they filmed the interview during press conference and right after it. KMM said that he feels nervous, but also excited to start. KSJ wishes that there’s a positive reception because they tried their best to produce a good drama. They just explain their characters briefly again; PMY saying that her character is will help Seok Joo become a “new leaf”. They talk about the 3 focus points of the drama. 1. Kim Seok Joo’s journey in finding his memories. 2. Attorney Kim Seok Joo’s transformation. 3. KMM vs KSJ, the acting showdown.

PMY said that when she’s filmed dramas, she had never been given the NG crown. But, really, KMM and KSJ never make NGs. She feels like she’s committed a sin anytime she NGs. But KSJ quickly adds that from what’s he’s experienced, nobody here really makes NGs. As we all know KMM, even with his difficult legal scenes, he’s always good. He didn’t have many larger scenes with PMY yet, and so far, there weren’t any mistakes. He hasn’t had a scene with CJA yet, and He didn’t know Jin Yi Han was in the drama until today. Keke. The reporter says to herself that they’re excited, and KSJ replies “What are you excited about”? He always has that charm of catching people off guard. Hehe.

The reporter asked KMM how he manages to memorize so many lines and be able to do them without error. He says that as soon as the script comes out, he literally tries to memorize it all first. Except White Tower, where the medical jargon was really difficult, and it was hard for him to even understand what was going on. KSJ also comments that he recently makes a cameo in a drama as a doctor (Doctor Stranger) and he thinks any actor who deals with all the medical terminology deserves a lot of credit. He says it’s also difficult for him as well if the words get too difficult to understand.

The reporter asked KSJ that since he’s an MC on the show “I Want to Know That” (It’s like a mystery show about real events that happen in Korea, that are unsolved, strange murders, missing people, that sort of stuff. That’s where his nickname “handsome middle aged detective comes from”) if it helps him with his acting since there are a lot of difficult lines on that show as well about legal issues. He comments that on the show, he has this one phrase he says a lot,“그런데 말입니다”, so it’s not as useful he thinks . (It means something along the lines of “but then why?” It’s like his trademark line.)

KMM says that he hasn’t actually filmed with CJA yet, but he’s looking forward to it. With PMY, he says that they’re having such a great time filming. She always brings up the mood on the set. For the wedding scene, (she put him in a headlock: P) PMY was supposed to drag KMM out, but he was supposed to sit back in the seat again. She spilt the wine on his pants, but she also spilt it over the chair, where KMM had to sit on again. XD Poor Seok Joo.

The reporter asks about the other 3, KSJ, JYH, and CJA if they had any rest because the three had just finished other works. CJA replies that she has, and JYH said he feels like he’s the only one without energy right now. He just wrapped up filming and came here right away. The reporter asks what he had been doing for the past 3 hours and he replies that he was taking off his wig. LOL. If you notice, his hair here is the exact same as TalTal, just literally the back portion taken off.

The reporter asked KSJ about any potential love line for him, since his last project (Golden Rainbow) he had a bittersweet romance. Does he miss Do Ji Won? (His partner actress). He jokes that he doesn’t really remember. But in “A New Leaf” he did think about it a bit. Not necessarily about him, but how a romance between might develop between the other two. But he did say he felt lonely in the press conference. When they were taking pictures, KMM, JYH got to take pictures with the actresses. But he got called up alone. Awww~~
cre:A New Leaf soompi thread. Special thanks for ChoBap for translation 

Kim sang Joong. I dont know how to describe. Your sense of humor. very funny. couldnt say more than that. he always make my day. thats why i dmand more bts of him. but otteokhae? he rarely make any NG. so, we have to deal with it :)

anyway, today is the day. Doctor Stranger premieres. are you excited to see our flower middle-aged detective back in action as a doctor? 


stay tune for moe info ^^
Kim sang Joong, hwaiting ^-^

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