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More Photos of Kim Sang Joong for A New Leaf's script-reading
posted at Wednesday, April 16, 2014 , 6:32 AM

MBC Cupitter just released the official photos during the script reading.
i have no idea when will the press conf held. so, we just need to wait. 7 days to go, dear <Joongies>. :)
any update regarding him, will be update either here or twitter.

so, the script reading was held on 25 / 3 / 2014 from 3pm to 6 pm. 

as usual, he know how to cheer up the atmosphere :)

oh damn.
something notice anything from that photo XD
the 'starbuck' thing XD
seems like he opened that thing. lol

p/s : deepest condolence to the families involved in the Tragedy [Ferry sank]. Our prayers and thoughts go out to all the victims. Please keep praying for them T^T and, probably, A new Leaf premiere will be extended. Please be inform. tq


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[CONFIRMED] Kim Sang Joong as Lee Jong Suk's father
posted at , 6:09 AM

It has been confirmed by the press that Kim Sang Joong will be playing as Lee Jong Suk's father in Doctor Stranger.
article , click here

based on the article, Park Cheol [Kim Sang Joong] is a world class doctor and a loving father to Park Hoon [Lee Jong Suk] Park Hoon will inherit Park Cheol's talent. He then will be transfer to North Korea due to some circumstances and raised Park Hoon there. 

By looking at the photo, i was expecting there will be time jump ~ 5 years later or 10 years later. Besides, based on the article, they said despite busy schedule, kim sang joong was happy to film in Jinhyuk PD's new drama and to give him support for his new drama. [i can see now. City hunter <yehet!> , Masters sun and now Dr Stranger]. Pd jinhyuk, Offer him for all your drama ! it will become hit! haha.

anyway, i was expecting, he will die [it's cameo, though] . besides he is now preparing for A new Leaf. so , any other way to kill off his character? making he flied to anywhere? anyway, <Joongies> we need to prepare the worst, right now. Please... prepare your mental. 
please note that, Dr Stranger will be premiere on 5 May. Remember, 5 May :) See you, PARK CHEOL :)

related link :

potential lee jong suk's father : click here
ksj will make special appearance : click here
fanmade , kim sang joong in doctor's uniform : click here
kim sang joong filming for dr stranger : click here
kim sang joong filming for dr stranger 2 : click here
Dr Stranger teaser : click here


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[GIF] KIm Sang Joong was surrounded by Fans while filming.
posted at Monday, April 14, 2014 , 12:26 PM

with the help of professional, whom volunteer to make GIF of ksj.
so, she/he will make GIF and contribute to the blog as well ^^
Komawo :')

all credit to ;

p/s : 8 Days left before premiere :)
Gidaryeo for official posters, photos, press conference and video from MBC section ~

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[GIF] Cha Young Ho - Kim Sang Joong
posted at Friday, April 11, 2014 , 2:24 AM

GIF for A new Leaf ^.^
waaaah. it makes me very excited.
i cant wait to see him back.

Credit : ksj-love via tumblr

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Teaser version 1 Doctor Stranger [닥터이방인]
posted at , 1:56 AM

Please watch this trailer. and listen..
i just want you to listen to the voice.
13 seconds.
"This is the last chance to escape"

Yes!!! You are right
It's Kim Sang Joong's voice :D
OMG! Im so excited for A new Leaf and Dr Stranger.
Although he only made special apprearance, but,
stilll. it's KIM SANG JOONG X)

p/s : 12 Days to go ^.^ Yahoooo


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A New Leaf Teaser Version 2
posted at Thursday, April 10, 2014 , 5:42 AM

A ver very pleasant day , evryone !!!
2nd TEASER is out!!! 

did you hear that?
did you heard his sexy, charismatic voice.
oh my God! I'm dead.. This teaser is better than golden rainbow.
dont you feel that? he just needs to use his asset. YES!
HIs smexy Voice :3

Kim Myung Min looks hot. I think this style is lot more better than King Of Drama's style :P
whatever it is, KSJ and KMM is my OTP. opsss.
did i said OTP? hahaha.
Yes ! They are my OTP. hahaha. I need more bromance from this pair. ehekk

13 days to go ^^
now we just have to wait long teaser which ually arounf 5-10 minutes :)


for clearer image :D

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A New Leaf First Teaser Relaesed
posted at Wednesday, April 9, 2014 , 7:48 AM

Good day everyone. MBC just release New Leaf first teaser. All credit to the uploader.

Unfortunately, KSJ was still 'hiding' somewhere :D
gonna wait for a long teaser :) so, dont worry. any update,
will be update here. but , for more faster info, up-to-date . you can chck our Twitter.

Its just a classic teaser.
and they end up with KMM's charismatic voice.

anyway, here is the official site for A new Leaf.
you can click here.
It's mbc drama, so, dot worry, i use to 'stalk' mbc's site and other sites that were link to mbc.
hopefully, we will get ksj pic or anything related to him.
Please crossing your finger :) haha.

p/s : lets countdown. 14 Days to go :)


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