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[Screencap] Cha Young Woo episode 2
posted at Thursday, May 1, 2014 , 9:17 AM

a lot ofr aegyo in today episode. lol. aegyo. yes aegyo.
his cuteness side. his beautiful smile XD


whatsup with these expressions? is he going to seduce me? 
Yes, Kim Sang Joong. smile for me.
ive been longing for your smile.

Oh gawd. I dont think i'll be able to sleep, seeing this photo all over again for the whole day and night.

He is just too cool. Thank you Drama God for casting him in this drama.

Episode 2. I could feel the tense. The scene in the courtroom was just wow. im amazed by KMM's deep voice. its fast but its definitely clear. Yeoksi! anyway, its fast :O ksj [kim seok joon] <-lol i just notice this XD ok now. we better use ksj as kim seok joo. our ksj will be cym = cha young moo ^-^ kim seok joo is going to have amnesia in the next episode. so, be prepare. since he will fight against our taepyonim, Cha Young Moo. so, bring it ON! cant wait for ep 3 as well as doctor stranger premiere :3 

Good Job ANL Team ;)

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