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Romance scene??
posted at Sunday, January 5, 2014 , 1:23 PM


how are you guys?? have you done watching Golden Rainbow? i'm just skip skip skip to Kim Sang Joong scene. and...., seeee! I told you on the previous post. Young Hye loves Han Joo!!! I love when young hye confessed to Han joo that she loves and likes him for a long time.. now tell me, young hye!! you've been hurting han joo for A LOOOONGGG TIMEEEE tooo, now it's time to assure me if you could make up this family. what i really mean is, protect this family from your 'daughter' and Jinki bad intention.

well, this scene [based on the photo] ,, really make my day. i'm waiting for quite a long time for this kind of scene. Look! Kim Sang Joong last romance scene was with [okay. kim seung ryung,, last year, haha] jang mi hee in Life is beautiful (2009). city hunter he acted as a badass. the chaser, corrupt presidential candidate. and now, it's SHOW TIME! ^^ thank you kim sang joong for picking up this kind of drama. now i'm back to see yur sweet side.

today episode was toooo cuteeeee! younghye was "spoon-feed" hanjoo. haha. and she also wiped hanjoo's mouth. aigooo! kiss scene puh-lissss!!! i am seriously in love eith this middle-aged couple. they really show a sweet and romantic side of them. and that makes me love him, at the same time. [to my beloved husband : 여보야! 당신을 그 어떤 것보다도 더 사랑해요. 걱정하지 마세요 >.<] but, kim sang joong is my 2nd precious man to me. hahaha.

click here for ksj and do ji won hug scene.

anyway congrats to our beloved kim sang joong for winning golden acting in 2013 MBC Drama awards. :) that will be next post. it's 12 am at arab now. and i'll back to korea on the end of january with my husband. :)

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