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달이 웁니다 - The Moon Is Crying
posted at Friday, December 20, 2013 , 1:56 PM

Hello guys !!

so, today post, quite simple.. it just a song. Golden Rinbow ost. But, to be obvious, this song was dedicated to hanjoo (KIM SANG JOONG) . simply said, it's a story about hanjoo. well, if you watched the video, you will get it.

i dont really remmeber what episode.. the moment when Baek Won asked han joo about his first love. and she knew her father was thinking about her first love was when he looked at the moon. and if you read the lyrics, there's a sentence really suited hanjoo's situation.

and, in the recent episode, young hye was looking at the  moon, right after hanjoo came to hr house with her knowledge and just stood up in front of her house. for my own opinion, young hye loves han joo. but, she married another man just because to escape from poverty. prove? the moment when she lookes at the moon :) then,,, read the lyrics again. there is also a sentence ,, there . something like you are actually looking at the moon just like me. the moon tells you about your place in my heart. yeah. probably.

anyway, enjoy watching golden rainbow. :)
keep support kim sang joong :D

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