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Golden Rainbow
posted at Friday, December 6, 2013 , 11:31 AM

Hello hello hello. :*

lets talk about ksj new drama, golden rainbow. I know , most of his fan already knew this drama. i'm not going to write the synopsis of this drama. but , i would like to share my own opinion.

to be honest, i dislike makjang drama. what is makjang? cliche ,, maybe suits to describe it. it would be insane if 50 episode drama would not have any makjang stuff., quite ridiculous. but just because of him, i'm willing to follow the drama. i only watched his part and skip. it's not like i dont support his drama (but actually yes). itold you i dislike and hate makjang drama TOTALLY.

but... after episode 9 , I started to watched the drama from the beginning. yes! I admit it that this drama have lots of makjang stuff. but, the performance from the kids and ksj were tooooo brilliant. TT^TT

have you watched ksj crying scene? it's heartbreaking. it brokes my heart into pieces. I cried like a river. his tears in my man's woman, the chaser could not 'shaken' me up... i mean,, yet. city hunter was a lil bit different. but, in this drama, he finally beats me! BUMPPPPP!! 

his teary eyes, his voice, his facial expression was too perfect to call it as an acting. it's real! Definitely.

see this : click here

i'm not lying. i know this situation very much since I already face it. it shows us how painful he was on that time. you dont care where you at or how you will act, you just want to let out your pain! and let ur feeling lead you. people who already be in this situation might know. go kim han joo. you're not a strong person. just cried out loud. we're here for you :*

so, now, lets hope the rating will turn out well. even though golden rainbow is leading with others drama in the same timeslot,, but it's still not too satisfy. i hope this drama will break 20% record. he still holds the record for his previous drama. my man's woman, life is beautiful, city hunter, the chaser.

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