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2013 MBC Drama Awards
posted at Monday, January 6, 2014 , 12:41 AM

30th December 2013,, once again.. Kim Sang Joong was back and being awarded. Thanks to his great performance in Golden Rainbow. I have no offense about his credibility in acting. he's goood. okay.. as a father to 7 orphans is good, indeed. but, i'm seriously missing 'his charisma as a tough guy'. it's not like i hate his protagonist character. i love ksj with loving character. i love ksj being a good father. i love his romantic scene,,, which i'm missing for several years.. but, golden rainbow was just not suit him.. who's in this world love cliche drama? amnesia - seperate from family - fake identity - take over company ??? are you one of it? i am definitely not.

but, whatever it is, i'll support golden rainbow. i'll support kim sang joong. let just wait and see if the rating will turn up well. 19 episodes out of  50. 31 episodes to go. so,, what kind of "makjang" stuff will appear? i have no hatred towards the cast. Jung Il Woo and Uee are great pairing. The Great Jo Min Ki, which I grew up with his drama and film? Do Ji Won? all of them are one of great line-up. now., i'm done. i'll just watch his scene and skip. :D

by the way, our prince charming , kim sang joong was dashing in MBC Drama Awards. :D yes!! i miss that kind of look. he looks good with tux and tie.

we will always support you.
but please dont make such a long hiatus from dramaland.

uee, manner leg, please? 
for video, you can click here.

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