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Han Joo - Young Hye Scene (4)
posted at Sunday, January 19, 2014 , 10:58 AM

hello. :)

and this is for today's episode.

young hye still covered habin[chun won]'s identity from hanjoo. they were talking and hanjoo hold young hye's hand. he stated that he knew so well her hurtful heart. suddenly young hye teared up and hanjoo wiped away her tears. [Kim Sang Joong ! Why you use your back of hand?? haha XD LOL!]

young hye said sorry because she didnt 'told him the truth' [okay! you should] and he understand her a lot ~ *hug* hahaha.

I swear, Hanjoo is soooo damn romantic. Girls outside, if you meet someone likes him, believe me, your life would be perfect! To me, definitely my husband is my 'hanjoo' :-) he understands me. he protects me. he's there for me. and the most important, he loves me. :-)

preview for next week episodes :
they are getting ready to get married. (?)
teng teng tengggg . hahaha. ok. i cant wait for next week wpisode. kiss scene, please!!

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