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Han Joo - Young Hye scene (3)
posted at Sunday, January 19, 2014 , 9:12 AM

hello. this is yesterday's episode :) hehhe

Han Joo went to Young Hye house. and Young hye asked him why he didnt call him. is it because he missed her?han joo just smiled. and she touched hanjoo's face and said it's too cold, right? and asked him to eat together with her :D he refused and asked about chun won and blablabla.

p/s : today episode did not have any fav scene, hehe. or maybe have. okay. that hug scene when young hye cried was quite romantic and lovely. anyway, next week hanjoo and young hye are ready to get married :) so, dont worry. i will keep updating about it ^^

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