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Hanjoo - Young Hye scene (2)
posted at Monday, January 13, 2014 , 9:30 AM


This is my  fav scene with HJ-YH.
1st admin already post about the latest episode.
But, i'm gonna share my fav scene in golden rainbow.
and , this is one of it.
well, from the very first episode,
there are lot of part where i love so much.
but,,, after the official confession made by young hye and 'unofficial' confession by hanjoo,
way better ~~ ^^

i dont really fluent in korean.
so, this pic is included with subs :D
1st admin did not has any trouble to understand korea., since she is korean.

this screen capture was taken from episode 19 :)
they are at a restaurant.

young hye was looking at him 

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