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Hanjoo - Young Hye scene (5)
posted at Thursday, January 30, 2014 , 11:08 PM

Hello there, fans. Here is some pictures regarding our couple. Middle-aged romance. :D I suppose to write this post, earlier, right? but, i just stopped watching the drama and only watched this couple's scene ONLY ! screen capture and post it here. swear to God, I cant do this anymore. How can Jinki turns out to like Young HYe? TOTAL MAKJANG!! thats why i decided to stop watchin this drama and only focusing on this couple. That's it. Im out!

So, since Young Hye had drop from her work, she helped hanjoo at the restaurant. LOL to hanjoo's face. haha.

 dont worry ~ 2nd admin will give her hand. she asked me to post about this before, but i said i'll do this. :) thank you ^^

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