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Variety Show : Running Man
posted at Thursday, January 24, 2013 , 3:03 AM

안녕하세요 ! ^^

It's RUNNING MANNNN :) ep : 107  So, i bet most of you already watched it. If not, then, here's the link for you.

It's good to see him after 5 years, right? ^^ Hahahaha. Ever since 2009, I really hope he will appear in any variety show. But, I have to wait 5 years!!!! 5 years to see him in tv. Geeez. If only I was at Korea rather than Saudi Arabia at that time, possibly I will go and watch them.. TT^TT bhahaha.

Photos :

part 1 :

part 2 :

part 3 :

part 4

sorry because the position of the photos are not well-organized. -.-''' anyway, enjoy watching. for the next post, i will update randomly. :D I mean, the best to share with all of you.

p/s : anyway, I'm Nam Jisoo. I'm Korean but now I'm in Arab. I furthered my studied in Saudi Arabia. :) so, 반가워요 ! This is KSJ site not MY site. but, it just for your info ;)

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