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[CONFIRMED] Kim Sang Joong as Lee Jong Suk's father
posted at Wednesday, April 16, 2014 , 6:09 AM

It has been confirmed by the press that Kim Sang Joong will be playing as Lee Jong Suk's father in Doctor Stranger.
article , click here

based on the article, Park Cheol [Kim Sang Joong] is a world class doctor and a loving father to Park Hoon [Lee Jong Suk] Park Hoon will inherit Park Cheol's talent. He then will be transfer to North Korea due to some circumstances and raised Park Hoon there. 

By looking at the photo, i was expecting there will be time jump ~ 5 years later or 10 years later. Besides, based on the article, they said despite busy schedule, kim sang joong was happy to film in Jinhyuk PD's new drama and to give him support for his new drama. [i can see now. City hunter <yehet!> , Masters sun and now Dr Stranger]. Pd jinhyuk, Offer him for all your drama ! it will become hit! haha.

anyway, i was expecting, he will die [it's cameo, though] . besides he is now preparing for A new Leaf. so , any other way to kill off his character? making he flied to anywhere? anyway, <Joongies> we need to prepare the worst, right now. Please... prepare your mental. 
please note that, Dr Stranger will be premiere on 5 May. Remember, 5 May :) See you, PARK CHEOL :)

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