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MBC Unveils photo shoot for A New Leaf + GIF for Doctor Stranger
posted at Tuesday, April 29, 2014 , 5:55 PM

It seems like we dont have the chance to watch the highlight teaser.
unless you watched the PC, yesterday then you got rthe chance to watch it.
so, TODAY IS THE DAY, Joongies!!!

After long wait, we will finally watch our Hero on the screen back :) Our longing are going to pay off.
dont you feel excited? <me? not really. i think im not the only one, even our FB admin also said so. he only excited about doctor stranger. eventho he is just cameo-ing in the drama.>

Are you planning to stream? if you are, then dont worry. we already provide you the link <you can check at the last paragraph of this post>

anyway, here are the photos.

and here are the GIF's.

Kim Sang Joong as Park Cheol, Park Hoon's father in Doctor Stranger. Excited? :P

He looks young, isnt it? :)

I was actually pissed off when I saw this scene. i mean, what the **** he's been doing until he has to face all the difficulties in his life!!!! Poor Park Cheol T_T

also this one. T^T Im touch. He looks very protective father to Park Hoon.Look at his gestures and body expressions, i could feel the "love" between them. The look on the fifth gif, its like he has give up and just let what will happen next. Another torturing scene for us! whyyyyyyyy!!!?? 

anyway, as promises :)

If you want to watch streaming, make sure it is 10pm KST <Korea Time>.
Here is the streaming link.

and here is the guide how to make MBC account.
MBC. and MBC.


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