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[CONFIRMED!] Kim Sang Joong will make a comeback with A New Leaf / Repentance
posted at Thursday, March 20, 2014 , 10:48 AM

it has been confirmed that Kim Sang Joong would be appear in next MBC drama , A New Leaf / Repetance as Cha Young Moo. It will replace Sly and Single and will start broadcast in the end of April.
Besides, It was written by Choi Hee Ra (Golden Time) and directed by Park Jae Beom ( I miss you , Scandal ).

I will provide only 2 links, for more you can google "개과천선 - 김상중"  :
Kim Sang Joong was casting for A New Life with Kim Myung Min . "Expectation ↑"
Kim Myung Min was casted for A New Life. Followed by Kim Sang Joong. Seems charismatic.

Synopsis :
Ace lawyer, Kim Seok Joo (Kim Myung Min) who has used devious means to reach his current high status, meets an accident which causes him to lose all his memories but his knowledge of the law. And while he gains back his conscience to repentance during his hard road to recovery, he finds himself facing his past demons due to the wrongs he had committed but has no recollection. Seok Joo eventually battles his former law firm's cold, black-hearted colleagues heads on in the court as well with his re-kindled "human soul". Cha Young Moo (Kim Sang Joong), the CEO of the lawyer firm whom had molded Kim Seok Joo to be an ace lawyer through his connections and teachings. Although he tries to remain an understanding father figure towards Seok Joo, he finds himself in a growing conflict with Seok Joo after Seok Joo restarts his new way of living after his accident especially when it's going against the law firm's interests.

so, with Kim Sang Joong was casting or A new Leaf, it's clear that he will make ONLY cameo in Doctor Stranger.

This photo was from Dr Stranger filming site. If you see closely, the one at the door was him . I'm pretty sure about it.

any news regarding this drama will be updated here. so stay tune for more info. 개과천선 화이팅!


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