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"A New Leaf" first script reading
posted at Friday, March 28, 2014 , 5:24 AM

Hello, everyone.
It's me , first admin. Im sorry for this past month, I have been away. But i still open this blog , just to check what 2nd admin post about him :P wowww. You're great, 2nd admin. almost everyday you post about him. Thank you for being my fellow buddy in this blog. Love you :-*

So, this is for today news. Kim Sang Joong's new drama "A new Leaf" already held it's first script reading. so, cast aleady completed. We have Kim Sang Joong, Kim Myung Min and Park Min Young as the lead. While for supporting cast are Lee Moon Jung , Ahn Sun Young , In Gyo Jin ,  idol BTOB Minhyuk, Idol After School Jooyeon, Go In Bum, Kim Seo Kyung , Kim Ye Ryung, Choi Il Hwa and Kim Ho Chan.

Personally, i dont like Choi Hee Ran [writer] after what she did before. that was such a huge controversy . it's not professional when you insult someone -.-'' furthermore, 'he' is someone who you worked with. i hope, she will shut his ****ing mouth  or else, her carier as a writer will be destroy. so stop talking ***t -.-'' 

anyway, I will look forward for her writing. I already checked who we will be our competitors for wednesday and thursday slot,

  • SBS You're all Surrounded
  • KBS Golden Cross
So , lee seung gi + Cha Seung Won for YAS , and Uhm Ki Joon + Kim Kang Woo for GC. but then, we have Kim Myung Min + Kim Sang Joong as the lead :D well, ksj past drama always surpass 20% rating *except for that makjang drama golden rainbow* from 2007 - 2012 . i can say , golden rainbow 'kills' his image [Opsssssss] .

anyway, New Leaf, fighting.


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