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Kim Sang joong visited Tart Optical
posted at Thursday, February 6, 2014 , 1:00 AM

Hello everybody.

how's your day going?
So, today i would like to share some pictures of him.
if you go to his fanpage in facebook, "Kim Sang Joong fanpage" , it's stated that 'the most recent photo of ksj" .
but, actually it's not ^^
sorry, pisey ~ it was in 2013 , actually :D

but who really cares about the year, right?
as long as we got his photos ~
either it's latest or oldest photo,
ksj is still the same ksj :)

This pictures were taken when he visited Tart Optical ~
then, maybe , i dont know what it said in the blog ,
they asked ksj to wear the spectacles and took his pictures ^.^
TQ TART OPTICAL ! Thank you very much, hohohoho!

so, you can see more photo of him in the optical shop ~
so, here is it :)

and, thank you ksj for visiting that shop~
hahaha! thank you all , thank you :D

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