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Kim Sang Joong, Treats Staff to 70 People's Meal
posted at Monday, February 3, 2014 , 8:49 PM

Actor Kim Sang Joong worked through the holidays to treat their staff to a large dinner.
On the episode of MBC weekend drama "Golden Rainbow" (script Son Young Mok, director Kang Dae Sun) broadcast on January 30th, director Lee Jae Jin who took the field filming treated the 70 staff members to lunch.
The picture of the scene released after the filming shows that Kim Sang Joon is bleeding and having dinner with his staff.
On this day of filming, Kim Sang Joong came in a car accident scene and came in with his makeup while eating.
In the drama, Han Joo (played by Kim Sang Joong) leaves prison lives a happy life with Baek Won (played by Yooey) with his family.  As much as he had a marriage with Young Hye (played by Do Ji Won), another accident is foreshadowed.
"Golden Rainbow" is broadcast at 9:55PM every Saturday and Sunday.

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