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Kim Han Joo in memory ~ [SPOILER ALERT]
posted at Sunday, February 2, 2014 , 8:53 AM

I do not expect this kind of ending to hanjoo's character.
he is the most kind person in this drama.
he sacrifices everything to his family and 'siblings'.
i know he shouldnt save young hye and jinki at that time.
they grew up as a monster.
but, young hye finally gave up everything for him.
even, from the very beginning, he suffered a lot !

How can the writers killed this pitiful character???
he didnt has chance to say " i love you" to young hye, yet!
not even married! T^T

he's a nice guy.
and thinks about others more than himself.
he did not deserved this, WRITERNIM!!!!
you are so cruel!
i hate may queen production. i will never watched any drama from this production.

here is the video T^T
spoiler alert !

Hanjoo met up with Jinki ~

Jo Kwang Do disguised as a doctor b~
click here

Goodbye, appa ~ last scene

Young hye and Baek Won crying
i swear, this scene is sooo damn sad.
his watch stop ticking.
just like when he was about to propose young hye before. T^T 
is there anyone like this man? i swear, i want to be marry with this kind of person 

Goodbye, appa T^T
Good bye ~ Im waiting for your new drama. 
Kim Sang Joong, please T^T
please give me a good drama.
goodd drama with a good ending.
not like this T^T
3 yeears i've been waiting for that kind of ending T^T
I'm gonna miss you appa T^T
please comeback to drama land.
dont be so long T^T

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