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Golden Rainbow Episode 28 Review: Do Ji Won Cries Over Kim Sang Joong’s Letter Before Death
posted at Sunday, February 9, 2014 , 9:05 AM

In , episode 28, Yoon Young Hye(played by ) cried over Kim Han Joo(played by )’s letter he sent her before he died.
Young Hye found a letter in her mailbox and realized it was from Han Joo before he died. The letter said, ‘My heart flutters more thinking of watching you getting older right next to you rather than being able to watch the beautiful you of the present. I’ve already lived about a half of my life but I have nothing left for the kids. I wish to leave them the image of us loving and caring for each other as a fortune. Here are the words I couldn’t say to you for my entire life: I love you, Young Hye.”
Young Hye held onto the letter and wailed all night.

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