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Today news about Kim Sang Joong (12/1/2014)
posted at Sunday, January 12, 2014 , 9:27 AM

Hye ^^
so, lets proceed with his news for today.
I just YM with Jisoo (1st admin) , since my korean is not that good.
thanks to her,, everything was clear.

유이 이상형 고백 "정일우 이재윤 아닌 김상중"

Uie confessed about her ideal type " Not Jung Il woo and Lee Jae Yoon, But Kim Sang Joong"

"Between Do Young (Jung Il woo) and Man Won (Lee Jae Yoon) , choose one" 
"Actually, my ideal type is my father (Kim Sang Joong)" she said

Uie said "first, both of them are different. Do Young is delicate person and man won Oppa is like a bodygoard and i would like to mix it" she said with laughter.


‘황금무지개’ 김상중 “아역만 7명, 이름 헷갈려 혼났다”

'Golden Rainbow'  Kim Sang Joong confused the names of his 7 child.

Kim Sang Joong sweet love scene with Do Ji Won had made an intimate atmosphere and made viwers attracted to his role.

Do Ji Won said "Both of us seems to get the warm feeling of energy and love" 

"At the past when we shoot with the  7 kids, I get confused. I call young won , but it's il won. Young won, baek won, man won name are confusing"  he laughed.

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