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posted at Thursday, February 14, 2013 , 9:48 AM

안녕하세요 !!

anyway, 해피 발렌타인데이  since today is a valentine, let's post something about L.O.V.E. hahaha. As you know Kim Sang Joong was married but divorced not long after that. On 2003/2004 ( I don't really remember ) , there was  'fraud marriage' between him and Jeon Woo Gyung  (나쁜 여자!!! She is such a bad GIRL! How could she did that to My Hero! -.-') so, I use his character ^^

Yang Byung Joon and Joo Ah Ra

Man ! My 감자 오빠 , aigooo!! He made me melt with his role as Yang Byung Joon. This charismatic 한남자 really something >.< hahaha. If only I was Joo Ah Ra / Jang Mi Hee , perhaps, I will fall in love with this man! Haha. Who loves this couple? I love this couple very muchhhhies!

Kang Dong Yoon and Seo Ji Soo *my name >.< ; Nam Ji Soo*

At First, I really hate this couple. I wonder why Dong Yoon must torture himself to be with Ji Soo? He just.. STUPID! How can he stay long with Ji Soo while there IS NO LOVE BETWEEN THEM? Ji Soo dated with a lot of man since their marriage. They should divorce ! Shin Hye Ra should be his wife! She is the best partner for him! She loves him too! Poor Hye Ra. TT^TT [That is what I think at first]

But then, I just realized they LOVE EACH OTHER! It just, they thought their couple didn't has any love between them. Ji Soo thought Dong Yoon just wants her father position by use her as a bait while Dong Yoon thought Ji Soo has no love towards him because she dated with a lot of man and once she gave the key evidences to the his rival during the past election. They Thought they just one-sided [ how annoying RIGHT? -.-'' ]

anyway, I just love how they reunited back >.< Lovely :') Dong Yoon loves Ji Soo and Ji Soo of course, loves his husband damn much! I get it why Ji Soo dated with those guys. She just wants Dong Yoon's attention, right? Dong Yoon may not show enough 'his love' towards her, but that is the way Dong Yoon loves Ji Soo. Let's not deny the truth. SUPERB couple, automatically They became one of my favorite couple.

Dong Yoon and Ji Soo,
last forever , of course , haha!

anyway, 해피 발렌타인데이 !!
  I wonder what kind of gift did Kim Sang Joong received from his fan?

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