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Do you know??
posted at Wednesday, February 6, 2013 , 4:53 AM


I'm sorry for the late update. Internet problem here -.-' Anyway, I would like to share an 'old' information for the 'old' fan, but a 'new' info for the 'new' fan. (God! The statistics of this blog increases day by day. I'm sooo damn glad to share this >.<)

spot him? :P i'm melting when I first saw this photo. I just couldn't believe my eyes. "is that him? Really? Am I dreaming?" Just look at his muscular body and shoulder.  just fantastic!! (even though I love the 'current' Kim Sang Joong, but this photo was not that bad) isn't it? haha.

Yes! Kim Sang Joong was a mariner. highlight that ; 'WAS'. Imagine he is still a mariner, maybe we will never see him. my angel kim sang joong. I remembered when I watched Life Is Beautiful, he wore 'tight' shirt/t-shirt which actually showed his sexy body. *screeeeeeeeeam* and how perfect his acting skill (fighting scene with Cheon Jae Man's men) in city hunter. Perfect Charismaaa!

*he has a great body*

is this a great reason to answer your question that pop on your mind? hehehe! 근육질 몸매로 !!!

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