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Variety Show : Heroine
posted at Monday, January 21, 2013 , 2:47 AM

안녕하세요 !

so, lets start out new post with 'variety show'. I will share from one topic to another topic. as example : 'award'. 'variety show'. 'drama' n probably, his personal life. I really hope you can follow my way of writing. it just to make the new reader's' become easier to read. Oh this is one category. oh this is another category. stop about it. lets continue with our topic.

Heroine is a variety show , hosted by Ji Suk Jin in KBS . Well, for this show,  guests need to play 'catch the mouse' and dibibibip. ( you will know the games when you see the video, definitely i will share it, 걱정 천만! ) So, lets start with photos first.

[He will appear in part 3 and forward] 
first episode
*click at the part below to watch it at Youtube.

Funny photos [SPOILED]



second episode.

I would like to express my deepest gratitude to WAngelWingsW whom upload this video. 고맙습니다 , 친구야 ! anyway, enjoy. as today is Monday, I could not post more as i have a lot of assignments to do. Well, before graduation, it should be, 그래? but, i will try my best to find my free time. 기다려! Wait for me ok, my friend? Till we meet again for the next 'variety show' ;) 

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p/s : i hope no silent readers here. lets talk at the cbox. come on join me. You are welcome to chat. come one. i am so happy to know more and more fan from different country. ^^

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