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New Film..
posted at Thursday, January 31, 2013 , 6:41 AM

안녕하세요 !

I have not update for 2 days. I'm so sorry. As you all know, my laptop was not working at all. but, thank god, after sent to repair it, I manage to update ^^ 감사합니다 ! anyway, do you know, my bias, kim sang joong [hehehe. don't be mad >.< I'm just kidding] , will film in his new film directed by Hong Sang Soo 감독님 ! Hong Sang Soo? erkk. the same director of 북촌방향 @ The Day He Arrives! ^^

I don't really know about the film until I opened my twitter account, I found this :

Based on what his statement, he said that the tittle is "여자 선희" at first. But, after a few hours, he corrected the tittle as "우리 선희". And I tried to search at , but I couldn't find anything. probably, we just need to wait for few moments. ^^ I will update soon if I found any news about his new film. okay? ^^

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