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2012 Korean Drama Festival
posted at Saturday, January 19, 2013 , 3:55 AM

안녕하세요 !

another award? Ok. This is the last post about 'award'. Well, Korean Drama Festival or best known Korean Drama Awards was held on 3 October. Kim Sang Joong won The Best Male Actor. He beats his fellow team-mate ; Son Hyun Joo. Seo Ji Sub, Yoo Joon Sang and Lee Beom Soo. It was the FIRST award for Kim Sang Joong after 5 years without winning any award since 2007 through My Man's Woman / My Man's Lover / My Husband's woman/ My Husband's lover ; 내 남자의 여자 [which break 40% of rating. :O Geeeez. That was AWESOME] as The Best Male Actor.

Well, for my opinion, he really deserved it! He made such a brilliant performance. Every time, I opened asianwiki and looked for his 'new comments' a lot of people praising his role and performance. Most of it praised his acting in City Hunter. I'm not surprise at all. I knew he did well even though he was not the main actor. But his role as Lee Jin Pyo was strong. City Hunter would never as success as right now without HIM, trust me! Well, as a MAIN ACTOR in The Chaser, he was superB! No words can describe how fantastic he is. Maybe, it depends on the script, but, what happened if it IS  a strong script but, the 'actor' couldn't deliver it in such a great way? It may be a 'turning point'. 그래?

Photos : Red Carpet and Award

For Video ; Click here . He appeared in 28:12 :) Best Male Actor! 파이팅!!

We will always by your side and support your career!! 걱정하지마! We will wait for your new drama and film! You just need to keep fighting and go on n__n hope for another brilliant year for you , this year, right?

Lets pray for his career! May last forever, hehe.당신을 사랑해!

Officially closed for awards ceremony for 2012. 

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